Alice Buffett Magnet School raises awareness and funds for ACS

Alice Buffett Magnet School raises awareness and funds for ACS

The American Cancer Society would like to recognize and thank Alice Buffett Magnet Middle School Students for their donation of $660.00 toward the fight to end cancer.

Each year students raise funds for special causes through their Service Learning Projects. The 2 Pink Out! events hosted this year by Team 7B raised money for cancer research. Not only did students organize the events they designed and sold t-shirts to create awareness for the cause. In the words of group 7B’s team leader, “the students and staff of Team 7B and Buffett Magnet Middle School believe strongly in service learning and look forward to more projects regarding this and other worthy goals.”

Students making an impact, taking action and making some noise all to help finish the fight against cancer. Thank You!

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