Hair Today… Gone Tomorrow! By: Ashley Berndt

Hair Today… Gone Tomorrow!  By: Ashley Berndt

“Kindness… Pass it on!” is written on the wall at Gomez-Heritage Elementary School in Omaha. It was passed on this afternoon.
Rewind a couple of months ago when a group of students known as the ‘Leader Stars’ decided they wanted to do a project to help the community. They decided to do a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life of Midtown Omaha. In a matter of two weeks, the students raised over $2000 by collecting dimes and any loose change they found. (FYI: Did you know that if you fill a regular bottle with just dimes, it will equal $100? Well… I didn’t, but those smart students did!).
As the donations came in, and the students were told where the donations were going, Kindergartener Perla Aispuro (in the light blue cape) decided she wanted to do more. She wanted to donate her hair to other kids who weren’t as fortunate as her. She wanted to donate her hair to kids who had lost their hair due to a medical condition. Let me repeat that … a KINDERGARTNER wanted to do more. Inspired by Perla, 10 other students, teachers and parents decided they wanted to do ‘more’ and to pass the kindness on. They would also donate their hair to Locks of Love.
Ramona, a friend of one of the student’s parents, was one of the inspired. She had been growing out her hair for four years and had 28+ inches cut off! Marcela, another parent, decided to donate her hair to set a good example for her daughter. (Her daughter will be cutting HER hair next week, after her First Communion). Valeria, a Pre-K Teacher, decided the morning of the donation that if her students could do it – she could too! Over 160+ inches of hair were donated by the group!
When I asked the Leader Stars what their role is at the school, they told me they have to get good grades (I expect that isn’t an issue with them), be nominated by a teacher, and to be good citizens in school and in the community. Based on the leadership I saw from them, and the inspiration from little Perla, I would say they are succeeding. They ARE passing the kindness on.
Thank you students, parents and teachers of Gomez – Heritage Elementary. Thank you for supporting the American Cancer Society … and thank you for inspiring us all with your kindness.
Special thanks to: Gomez – Heritage Elementary Administration and Staff, Pigtails and Crewcuts stylists Michelle Paris and Elizabeth Adame, Kindergartners Perla Aispuro and Samantha Melgoza, First Graders Andrea Rodiguez Garcia and Melanie Seriana Lorenzana, South High School student Fatima Garcia Vargas, and parents Marcela Torees, Ramona Mora, Veronica Vasquez, Karla Lorenzana, Alma Garcia and Valeria Rangel.

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